Imperial War Museum Duxford

South Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom

About Imperial War Museum Duxford

Duxford Imperial War Museum in Cambridge is dedicated to exploring Britain’s military history, particularly as it relates to air and maritime warfare.

Duxford Imperial War Museum is fittingly located at Duxford Airfield, one of the best preserved First World War airfields. Most of the exhibits at the Duxford Imperial War Museum are contained in hangars, with each hangar exploring a different aspect of military history. For example, hangar 1 tells the story of British and Commonwealth aviation history, hangar 2 is a “flying museum” where operating aircraft are held and maintained and hangar 3 holds a maritime collection.

There is also an American Air Museum, exhibiting various battle aircrafts from the US. Duxford Imperial War Museum’s fourth hangar is dedicated to the Battle of Britain, a famous air battle in World War II.

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