Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece was the cradle of democracy. A civilisation which produced some of the most groundbreaking art, philosophy and culture the world has ever seen, the Ancient Greeks left their legacy in a myriad of ways.

Many Ancient Greek sites and ruins that have survived today are among the most famous landmarks in the world. The Acropolis in Athens stands tall as a testament to Ancient Greek achievement. Yet there's a multitude of Ancient Greek sites and Ancient Greek places that are still able to be seen today, some equally as famous, others ignored by the masses.

From Paestum in Italy to Ephesus in Turkey and Sicily's Valley of the Temples, there are far more remains from ancient Greece than many people realise. And with many treasures from ancient Greece now also displayed in museums around the globe, there are many ways to explore the rich heritage of this vibrant culture.

If you're seeking inspiration for your travels and are interested in ancient Greece, there‚Äôs a great selection of sites and ruins to explore in Greece itself and beyond in countries such as Turkey, Italy and Cyprus. You can explore a range of articles below on the very best Greek ruins across the region.