Temples of the Forum Boarium

Rome , Lazio , Italy

About Temples of the Forum Boarium

The Temples of the Forum Boarium are two of the best preserved Roman temples to have survived from the Republican era.

Comprised of two temples, the Temple of Hercules Victor and the Temple of Portunus, the Temples of the Forum Boarium date back to approximately the second century BC.

The Temple of Hercules Victor (or Ercole Vincitore) is a round structure with twenty columns dedicated to Hercules, while the larger of the two, the Temple of Portunus, is a square building dedicated to the Roman deity of rivers, ports and harbours.

The Forum Boarium was itself originally part of the Roman cattle market before becoming a commercial centre.

In medieval times, both of the Temples of the Forum Boarium were incorporated into churches, probably accounting for their excellent state of preservation.

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