Mgarr Second World War Shelter

L-Imgarr, Malta, Malta

About Mgarr Second World War Shelter

The Mgarr Second World War Shelter in Malta was one of a number of subterranean bomb shelters used by the population during the Siege of Malta.

The Siege of Malta saw the island of Malta being subjected to an intensive aerial bombing campaign by the Italians and then the German Luftwaffe from 1940 to 1943. The main reason for this was that Malta was a vitally important strategic location for the British and held several airfields, thus becoming a target. In 1942, Malta received the George Cross for its citizens’ bravery during this period.

The Mgarr Second World War Shelter is one of the largest shelters of its kind and, since being found underneath a restaurant, has been restored. Today, the Mgarr Second World War Shelter is open to the public, who can tour its underground passageways and learn about the Maltese experience during the war.

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