Delos Archaeological Museum

Agios Ioannis Diakoftis , Aegean , Greece

About Delos Archaeological Museum

The Delos Archaeological Museum contains findings from the UNESCO World Heritage site of Delos. Inhabited since prehistoric times, Delos was an ancient Greek holy site, believed to have been the birthplace of the deity Apollo.

Amongst its collection, the Delos Archaeological Museum houses a range of pottery, funerary artefacts and stelae as well as mosaics and jewellery. One of the most celebrated exhibits at the Delos Archaeological Museum is that of the lion statues from the Terrace of the Lions.

Whilst many of its exhibits relate to the ancient Greek period, the Delos Archaeological Museum has pieces dating as far back as the twenty-fifth century BC, offering an overview of the island since it was first inhabited.

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Delos is a UNESCO listed ancient Greek site and the island on which Apollo was said to have been born.


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