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Teotihuacan HISTORY

Teotihuacan was a holy Mesoamerican city built in around 400 BC in what is now Mexico and forms one of the country’s oldest archeological sites.

Whilst the founders of Teotihuacan have never been definitively identified, it is thought that the city was inhabited by the Toltecs and was also an important Aztec site.

Literally translated as the place “where gods are created”, Teotihuacan was clearly a city of significant religious importance to its inhabitants, as illustrated by the wealth of monuments at the site.

Characterised by looming stepped pyramids, indeed one of the most impressive aspects of Teotihuacan is the sheer size of these monuments, including the Pyramid of the Sun, which measures 225 by 222 metres at its base, rising 75 metres high.

Incredibly well-preserved, despite a fire which tore through Teotihuacan in the 7th century, Teotihuacan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

However, it is not just Teotihuacan’s religious monuments which make it such an important and popular site. In fact, it is estimated that these make up a mere 10% of the total excavated site and the rest includes castles, such as the Palace of Quetzalcoatl and the Palace of the Citadel, residential buildings and communal buildings.

Visitors to Teotihuacan can maneuver their way through the city via its original streets, such as Avenue of the Dead, which divided the city into quarters, although take note that the site is absolutely enormous.

Today, Teotihuacan is one of the most popular tourist sites in Mexico and includes numerous museums, including the Museo del Sitio, just south of the Pyramid of the Sun where visitors can see various artefacts from the site. It also features as one of our Top Ten Tourist Attractions in Mexico.



Teotihuacan is located 48km (30 miles) northeast of Mexico City between San Martin de las Piramdes and San Juan Teotihuacan. From Mexico City, you can take one of the autobuses from near gate 8 at Terminal Norte (to ‘Los Pirámides’ or ‘Teotihuacán ruinas’ - not the nearby town of San Juan Teotihuacán) which run every 15 min. 7am-6pm. The trip takes around 45 min. and costs around M$28.




The entrance fee for Teotihuacan is 51 pesos. The museums on the site are open 10am-5pm


NAME: Teotihuacan
Alt Name:  -
Country: Mexico
Period: Pre-Columbian
Sub-Region: -
Date: 400BC - 301BC
City/Town: Mexico City
Figure:  -
Resorts: Mexico City,


Teotihuacan ADDRESS

Zona Arqueologica de Teotihuacan, Mexico-Pyramides Highway, San Martin

Teotihuacan PHONE NUMBER

Contact local tourist office

Teotihuacan EMAIL


Emperor :
King :
Prince :
Duke :
Lord :

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