Remains of the Bastille

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Remains of the Bastille HISTORY

Some remains of the Bastille, the state prison which was famously stormed thus sparking the French Revolution, can be seen in a small park known as Square Henri Galli in Paris.

A small plaque next to what seems like an innocuous pile of stones marks this out as the remains of one of the most notorious sites in history.

For the original location of this prison, see the entry for The Bastille.

Remains of the Bastille TOURIST INFORMATION

DIRECTIONS TO Remains of the Bastille

The nearest metro station to the remains of the Bastille in Square Henri Galli is Sully-Morland on line 7.




The remains of the Bastille are viewable at all times.


Remains of the Bastille HISTORIC INFORMATION

NAME: Remains of the Bastille
Alt Name:  -
Country: France
Sub-Region: -
Date: 1700AD - 1799AD
City/Town: Paris
Figure:  -
Resorts: Paris,


Remains of the Bastille ADDRESS

Remains of the Bastille, Square Henri Galli, 75004 Paris, France

Remains of the Bastille PHONE NUMBER

Contact local tourist office

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C Dobbs 04 Aug, 2013

I lived in Paris for many years; just recently moved away. Anyone interested in remains of the Bastille should know that some other vestiges can be seen inside the Metro, on one of the underground quais (I forget which one, exactly). Also, if you look, you can find the outlines of the Bastille paved onto the streets and sidewalks as you walk around the Place. Finally, note that the column in the center of the Place has nothing to do with the history of the Bastille prison. Voilà. Happy hunting!

margo barotta

greetings. i want to say that this is an amazing site. information, pictures, everything we need about a historic site is available in this website. thank you.