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The Pyramids in Egypt rank among the best known historic sites on the planet. Indeed, Egyptian pyramids are a draw for vast numbers of tourists every year and have become hugely popular attractions.

Dating back thousands of years, these massive monuments to the accomplishments of Ancient Egyptian civilisation are some of the most immense engineering achievements ever undertaken. Today, the majority of ancient pyramids in Egypt are set out in a handful of sites, each containing a number of Ancient Egyptian pyramids. The best known of these sites is probably Giza, just outside Cairo, but a number of other fascinating areas can also be visited.

Our list of Egyptian pyramids can be explored below – click on each pyramid site for more information on the individual pyramids located there. And if you’re thinking to yourself ‘exactly where are the Pyramids in Egypt’, you can navigate using our Pyramids of Ancient Egypt map above and you can also explore a more general list of Ancient Egyptian sites.

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Abusir Pyramids

A site containing fourteen Ancient Egyptian pyramids, Abusir near Cairo dates back to the Fifth Dynasty. The site includes the Pyramid of Sahure, the Pyramid of Nyuserre Ini, and those of Neferefre and Neferirkare. However, Abusir’s pyramids are not as impressive as those at Giza.

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For those seeking to explore ancient pyramids in Egypt in peace and quiet, Dahshur is the place to go. Home to the impressive Bent Pyramid as well as the Red Pyramid of Sneferu, Dahshur is far less frequented by tourists than Giza. Also at Dahshur are the White Pyramid of Amenemhat II and the Black Pyramid of Amenemhat III.

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Home to the most famous pyramids of Egypt, Giza contains Ancient Egypt’s Great Pyramid, built by Pharoah Khufu, as well as the world famous Sphinx and the Pyramids of Khafra and Menkaure. Easily accessible on the edge of Cairo, these world famous pyramids are the most popular of all ancient pyramid sites in Egypt.

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Hawara Pyramid

The Hawara Pyramid in Egypt was built by Amenemhat III. Constructed between 1860BC and 1814BC, today the pyramid is sadly but a shadow of its former self, having been robbed and eroded by time. Amenemhat III also built the Black Pyramid at Dahshur.


Saqqara is home to eleven major Egyptian pyramids sprawled over six miles built over three thousand years of Ancient Egyptian civilization. The site was the burial ground of the ancient Egyptian city of Memphis and includes the pyramid of Teti and the Step Pyramid of Djoser.

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Zawyet el Aryan Pyramids

Among the less well known pyramids in Egypt, Zawyet el Aryan contains the remains of two Egyptian pyramids, the Layer Pyramid and the Unfinished Pyramid. It is believed they were both built from around 2700-2600BC.