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The Toyo Bunko, or the "Oriental Library," is Japan's largest Asian studies library and is located in Tokyo. Historically, the Toyo Bunko Museum was founded at the beginning of the 19th Century when Iwasaki Hisaya, the former president of Mitsubishi, began collecting Japanese language resources on history and culture. In 1917, Iwasaki purchased the collection of George Ernest Morrison, an Australian journalist who was also a corresponded and special adviser to the Republic of China.

Visit: Toyo Bunko Museum

The Toyo Bunko is considered one of the top 5 research facilities in the world for studying Asian Studies and is the largest in Japan. Here, you will find millions of books that are linguistically diverse: Chinese, Western languages, Japanese and other Asian languages. You will be astounded at the breadth of coverage the library has and the history of the books and research. 

The museum also showcases Japanese cultural treasures and irreplaceable artwork. Due to this reason, it is also a popular place for anyone who loves books, art and culture to come to view the collection. 

The museum also features a restaurant where diplomats such as Caroline Kennedy was known to frequent.



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