Tiger Sky Tower Admission Ticket

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About this Tour

Welcome to another level of euphoria! The Tiger Sky Tower stands at 131 metres above sea level and you should make every effort to make this your very first stop when you embark on your Sentosa journey.

Visit: Tiger Sky Tower

The Tiger Sky Tower soars high above the surrounding greenery & landmarks. In your flight, you will get to enjoy stunning views across our little red dot and its surrounding islands, right up to Malaysia and Indonesia. In addition, there will be a cabin commentary will take you through the sights as the cabin revolves past them. At an ascending rate of 1.5 meters per second, the gentle rise of the cabin is approximately the speed of an adult climbing up stairs.

You will indeed get closer to the skies as Tiger Sky Tower lifts you up to the peak of Sentosa! Discover endless horizon and breathtaking views day or night for there is no better way to marvel at breathtaking vistas in comfort.



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