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A day trip to the waterfalls and Monkey Island is one to remember. It is an absolute stand out day. Cruising along the snaking ocean road, through the mountains with breathtaking views of the sparkling ocean, and the islands dotted beyond like diamonds is only the start.

Get a taste for local life as we journey through a fishing village known for its production of fish sauce, and then head on up the A1 towards Hanoi. We are soon off road, and bumping our way towards the kick off point for the falls. We set off on foot, amongst lush greenery and a bubbling stream at an easy pace. The stroll in the park ends after a kilometer or so at a picturesque area, with the crystal clear mountain river rushing over the boulder strewn pass. From here on we scramble over slabs of rock, and through the jungle as we push onto the waterfalls. Swim in the cool water straight off the mountains, and sun yourself in a postcard setting. Then move onto Monkey island. A 15 minute scenic boat ride, delivers you to a sandy strip of beach, where you will encounter very naughty monkeys. Take your time here, relax and meander through the colorful gardens with cascading flowers of many varieties before your encounter with the pesky monkeys. Grab a bag of peanuts, hold on tight to them and you will soon have their little hands stretching out for a feed. Check out the circus with very clever dogs, and monkeys doing ‘chin ups’ and other tricks before we cruise back to the mainland and drop you home to your hotel.



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