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Save time and take advantage of this unique option with TripAdvisor/Viator to buy your entrance ticket to the archaeological site of Monte Albán, skipping the lines and avoiding long waiting times.

By booking this ticket, all you will need to do is a simple exchange in advance, getting inside the site in less than 2 minutes.

Visit: Monte Alban

The pre-Columbian site of Monte Albán is located a few miles away from the heart of Oaxaca city. The site raises above the Valley of Oaxaca, having as its surroundings the cities of Etla, Tlacolula, and Zimatlán.

The importance of the site of Monte Alban lies in it being one of the first cities to be founded in Mesoamerica, as well as it being acknowledged as the main cultural center for the Zapotecs. Monte Alban is also known as the home of both Mixtec and Zapotec cultures, and was the main capital in the Valley of Oaxaca.

Once in the site you will decide where to start your visit: the South Platform, the Great Ball Court or the building of the Dancers.

From above the South Platform you'll be able to see the whole ceremonial structure of the site, since it's the highest structure of the city. This square used to be devoted to trade, where the merchants of the surrounding areas got together to trade all kind of items, from plants to objects used to worship.

The building of the Dancers is one of the few where you'll appreciate several sculptures, representations of characters and glyphs. They are known as Danzantes (Dancers) due to the different positions the characters are located: they seem to be moving, which stands them out from other artistic representations of the time.



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