Skip the Line: Africam Safari Entrance Ticket

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Save time and take advantage of this unique option with TripAdvisor/Viator to buy your entrance ticket to Africam Safari park, skipping the lines and avoiding long waiting times.

By booking this ticket, all you will need to do is a simple exchange in advance, getting inside the park in less than 2 minutes.

Africam Safari is a Mexican safari park located near Puebla city, and which purpose of creation was, initially, a private collection of animals owned by Carlos Camacho Espíritu. He then developed the idea into a park where animals could reproduce in captivity in an area similar to that of their natural habitat.

Visitors to the park will be able to notice that the habitats are very similar to the "real" ones, into the wild. The animals can pace at their own rhythm and visitors can feel as if they were part of their surrounding, either on board of their own car or from the buses provided by the park.

The different lands you'll be able to visit while you're in the park include the African Savannah, American steppes, Tropical Jungle, Mexican Forest, among others. You'll be in awe with the nearly 2500 animals that live freely on each habitat, helping their species to reproduce and prevent their extinction.



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