Rio Secreto Plus: Admission Ticket in Playa del Carmen

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About this Tour

Rio Secreto has evolved, both as a brand and as a natural reserve, with the new addition of 'Rio Secreto Plus' - the most spectacular tour in the Mexican Caribbean. This 5-hour guided tour includes the traditional Rio Secreto experience with a walk through its caves, a swim in the natural underground rivers, and the opportunity to see the breathtaking formations. But, not only that, you'll now have the unique chance to visit the new 'Dry Route' which offers even more. On this route, you will visit the Salón de la Paz, where a spectacular light and sound show is projected on the natural formations. This experience is sure to transport you back in time to the very creation and evolution of the universe.

Upon arrival at the welcome and service area of Rio Secreto, enjoy a briefing and video. Then, board a van to the natural reserve, approximately 15-minutes away from the welcome area, and get ready to have an incredible and unique experience.

Your 'Rio Secreto Plus' ticket will give you access to the traditional Rio Secreto tour and the new and unique Dry Route. Upon arrival to the reserve, the guides will greet you and give you the security measures and suitable equipment. From there, you'll enjoy a bike tour and a rappel activity exploring the amazing rock formations. Then, get ready to explore Xibalbá (the Mayan underworld). Prior to entry into this world, you will have the chance to tour the natural reserve trails where you will receive a Mayan Welcome.

Your tour continues with a 0.6-mile hike and swim through the reserve's beautiful natural glass galleries. This portion lasts for about 1.5 hours. Return all the equipment and get ready to toast with Xtabentun and then enjoy a delicious regional buffet lunch and non-alcoholic drinks.

Finally, get ready for the most unique portion that this 'plus' ticket will give you: a guided tour to the spectacular dry route “Salón de la Paz” (Room of Peace). On this route, you will witness an incredible 1-hour light and sound show which is projected inside the caverns and on the natural rock formations. You'll feel transported back in time to the creation and evolution of the universe and have a wonderful time. After the show, you'll have a 25-minute guided walk among the interpretive trails of Mayan cosmovision and the region’s animal and plant life.

Your tour ends as you head back to the welcome area.



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