Private Shore Excursion from Catania (Sicily) to Etna Volcano and Wine Tasting

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In Catania port at disembark from your cruise ship meet our selected professional English speaking driver for your private shore excursion tour in Sicily. Etna Volcano and wine tour

Mt Etna Volcano is one of the world’s most active volcanoes and the most active one in Europe. It has been erupting for several million years. Mt Etna is one of the greatest and most beautiful volcano adventure destinations in Sicily. Scenic drive to mount Etna through several Sicilian towns (Santa Venerina, Zafferana…) and visit some old lava flow on the ways. During the ascent different kinds of vegetation can be noted. We will reach 2.000 meters (7.000 ft) where we take a walk together to visit the «Silvestri» craters (1986) and the latest new lava flows and craters from 2001/2002/2003, enjoy the desert moon atmosphere!

Etna Volcano and wine tour – Private Shore Excursion from Catania (Sicily)

After having met your driver at the cruiser terminal in Catania (welcome sign with your name), sit back and enjoy your drive through the Sicily toward to Etna

Etna vulcano soil is great for cultivating olives, grapes and fruit in the soil enriched by the fallen ash. Stop and visit a local Etna Winery Gambino where it is possible to taste local Etna wine, and visit the vineyard accompanied by a local wine expert.
Passengers get to experience several reds, whites produced at the vineyard, owned by a Sicilian family, they also will be amazed by delicious olive oils, organic vegetables such as egg plants, dry tomatoes, mushrooms, and pastas produced on-site. The landscape is beautiful; the combination of high altitude,  volcanic soil and a particular microclimate makes as result absolutely terrific, unique flavors and great wines. Sicily represents in the world the convergence of many cultures evident in the food and the history of a place.

The ladybugs of Mount Etna
During late Spring and early Summer, ladybugs migrate towards mountanious areas. The flight pattern cannot be exactly called graceful, as winds and temperuters greatly affect the trek; winds help push the ladybugs higher and closer towards higher elevations, however when the temperature goes below 13° C, ladybugs need to stop flying, beginning a temporary free-fall until their bodies can warm up enough to resume their flight. This causes a sort of beautiful oscillatory motion which can be seen from the ground.
It is still unclear why many Ladybugs seek out high elevations but, in our case, we like to think that perhaps, many years ago, an old ladybug got lost on her way home and ended up over Mount Etna; the view from up there was so stunning that she fell in love with it and since then all ladybugs decided to spend their holidays at this little Sicilian paradise!



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