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Cultural Centre “The Palace” Balchik is a State Cultural Institute, established with an act of the Council of Ministers on the advice of the Minister of Culture. It carries out a number of major and supporting activities aiming at creating and promoting culture as well as preserving the cultural heritage.

The Cultural centre is based on the premises of The Architectural and Park Complex “The Palace”. It creates the perfect environment where different arts and cultures can meet, it serves as an inspiration and challenge for developing the creative potential of the artistic-minded.

The policy of the Cultural Centre “The Palace” is to maintain and preserve the architectural park complex as a cultural landmark following the Law on the Cultural Heritage.

It has established a policy of restoring and enriching the wealth of cultural, historical and natural sights. It works towards creating cultural values and developing cultural and cognitive tourism in order to promote the cultural and historical heritage of the country.

The tradition of organizing cultural events in “The Palace” is strong. The environment is especially suitable for holding important national and international festivals, promoting young talents, mounting exhibitions. “The Palace” can be the perfect venue for training sessions for artists and sculptors, drama sessions, small theatre performances, shooting films and clips.

The work of artists and intellectuals on the premises of the complex and the environment, conducive to creative work and art, makes the popularity of the complex even greater. All the cultural events happening here combined with the romantic atmosphere of the place create the sense of aesthetic pleasure. Visitors will cherish the memory of a joyful day in the world of art and beauty.



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