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KidZania London offers 4-14 year olds exciting real life activities. Located in Westfield London, Shepherd’s Bush and spanning across 75,000 square feet, KidZania is an amazing indoor city built just for kids!
Blending learning with reality and entertainment, each career at KidZania is developed to teach kids essential life skills including financial literacy, team work and independence.
Designed to empower and entertain kids, KidZania gives children the chance to challenge themselves and explore the world of opportunities. If your child has ever dreamt of becoming a pilot, a firefighter or the next award-winning dancer, watch the excitement on their faces as they try out real life activities! The concept effectively gives them their first taste of independence and gets kids thinking about what they might want to be in the future.

Visit: KidZania London

On arrival, you'll check in at the KidZania International Airport, where each member of your party will receive RFID security bracelets. These will ensure that your child remains safely within the city, and can only be checked out with you present. They will also record any allergies that your child may have.
Each child aged four and over will receive 50 'kidzos' (KidZania currency). Your child can either use these to pay for certain activities and products or save them and open up a bank account.
Take a stroll through the city, full of little people playing at big people's work, and get ready for your child to participate in their favorite activities. Children aged eight and over can enter the city unaccompanied, but children aged 0-7 need an adult with them at all times.
If you get hungry, no need to worry - there are plenty of dining and snack locations. Watch as your child settles into the city, and learns essential life skills from financial literacy to teamwork and independence by role-playing real life adult careers. Accompany younger siblings to the Early Years zone, with three main activities: Kindergarten, Science Lab, and a soft-play and storytelling area. Or, if your kids are old enough, enjoy a little 'me time' in the comfortable parents room, complete with TVs, computers, and comfy sofas.
Once your child's 4-hour play session is finished, you'll check out and make your own way home.
Please note: Children aged 0-7 (inclusive) must be accompanied by a full-paying adult (18+) at all times. Children 8 and over can enter the city unaccompanied, but an adult must be present for the admission for all children into KidZania London.



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