jeepes safari take guestes to national park around three hours tour with comfortabale jeepes alonge side with nathurliste

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enjoyble tour starting afternoon 2'3hours safari tour inside national park. with luxuray jeep with proffisonale driver and alongside with nathurelist come with your tour includeing bottle of water for  all guestes .you can see  huge lake  and hundred of elephantes come to the lake  beatifull nathure around the park .deffrients brides you can see behined the lake and water moniter and deers water bufflos and many deffrentes  animles you can see this national park.

  1. free pickup and drop to your  hotel around habarana.tour goine by jeep include 2-3hours tour starting2.00pm  afternoon you get guide entrance at national park  and by tickets in the counter. and tour guide avaible inside park and proffisonal drivers drive jeep to national park  .during tour includeing bottel of water free of charge . privet jeep with only 5guest not more than that every tour .and jeep luxuray and comfortable seat and open roufe. beatifull lake you  can see and only one place you can get off the jeep and climbe  top  see beatifull nathure around national park



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