Caves of Torri di Slivia

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The cave ''Torri of Slivia'' is over 100 metres deep and is one of the most spectacular caverns of the Trieste's Karst. Look around and you will feel as though you are in another world. A place, where the shapes and the colours change as the water drips and where time stands still. Witness first-hand the stalactites and stalagmites formed over thousands of years....

Visit: Grotta delle Torri di Slivia

The tour begins with a short Agrobus ride (a tractor with modified agricultural trailer) that will take you to the cave entrance within a few minutes.
- The entire tour lasts around 75 minutes. 
- The tour includes a 200-stair descent and climb.
-The temperature in the cave ranges from 6 to 9 
degrees Celsius. We recommend you to take a jacket or a long shirt with you and appropriate footwear (shoes with rubber soles) due to slippery ground. 
-Tours are guided and start according to the schedule
- No reservation is required for groups less then 15 people. For larger groups a reservation is necessary.
- Dogs and other pets are not allowed to enter the cave. 
- The tourist path in the cave is not accessible for wheelchair users.
- It is allowed to take pictures, but due to environmental reasons, the use of the flash is prohibited.
- It is not recommended to take pictures while walking on the stairs.
- Removal of any material, stone or anything that is part of the underground environment is prohibited.
- It is obligatory that you stay with your group, a guide and on the tourist trail



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