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About this Tour

Sandland is located on the best coastline of Antalya in the old part of Lara Beach that stretches about 6.2 miles (10 km) long. Sandland is one of the biggest sand exhibitions of the world. A popular attraction that you can visit all year long.

Antalya Sand Sculpture Museum (SANDLAND) is a mega exhibition of sand sculptures that organized by Global Design Art Works. This unique and 365 days visitable place considered one of the largest sand events in the world, by the size of its sculptures and the area they occupy. Every year, a group of sand sculptors, from all over the the world join to give shape to 10,000 tons of sand in an area of about 10,000 square meters.

Theme of Sandland is LEGENDS. You can see most important legendary hereoes and wonder of the worlds as Eiffel Tower, Collesium, Taj Mahal etc. However incorporates a playful dimension with a space for sand sculpture activities, where each day, adults, teens and children may experience and show their creative abilities in this form of artistic expression. The Led lighting system offers colorful and magnificent atmosphere to the exhibition area at night. Besides this, visitors can watch the festival documentary DVD during the night.

Come see some of the most natural and amazing forms of art.



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