Pre-Inca Ruins

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Pre-Inca: Site Index

Photo by Václav Synáček (cc)


Cahuachi is an ancient site of the Nazca civilization in Peru.

Cerro Patapo

Cerro Patapo was the site of a city of the Wari civilisation only discovered in 2008.

Photo by Bruno Girin (cc)

Chan Chan

Chan Chan in Peru was the capital of the Chimu civilisation and is a UNESCO listed site.

Photo by sancho_panza (cc)

Chauchilla Cemetery

Chauchilla Cemetery is a fascinating ancient burial ground with Peru’s largest display of mummified bodies in their original graves.

Photo by Veronique Debord (cc)

El Brujo

El Brujo is an early Chimu archaeological site in Peru.

Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines are ancient earth drawings in Peru and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Royal Sipan Tombs

The Sipan Tomb Museum holds the treasures of the 4th century tomb of the Moche Lord of Sipan.

The Bruning Museum

The Brüning Museum has a varied set of exhibits from Peru's history, focusing primarily on the pre-Incas.

The Moche Temples

The Moche Temples are two ancient adobe pyramid temples in Peru.

Photo by mishmoshimoshi (cc)


Tiwanaku in Bolivia was the capital of a powerful pre-Inca civilisation and is a UNESCO listed site.