Iternary Planner

Shortlist sites as you go by clicking on the + sign next to a site name on a search results page or on the “add to shortlist” link on a site page. On the planner page, set your preferences - name your trip, select the number of days you want and choose the types of documents you want to print and save.

Then, drag and drop sites from your shortlist to the days on your itinerary. You can use the map to see how near or far sites are from each other and look at each day individually. Write any day or trip notes and, when you’re finished, click “generate itinerary” at the bottom of the page. You can even review your itinerary later by pasting your custom URL into any browser. [Please Note: The Itinerary Planner requires Flash and is therefore not compatible with some devices such as the iPad or iPhone]. Click here for full instructions.




Please keep a note of your custom URL. It will allow you to come back to your planner to adjust settings.

If you lock your itinerary, no one will be able to make changes.