Piramide de Cuicuilco

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Piramide de Cuicuilco HISTORY

Cuicuilco is an ancient archeological site and museum next to Mexico City’s Lake Texcoco which includes the striking Piramide de Cuicuilco.

Dating back to the Mesoamerican era perhaps as far as 800 BC, Cuicuilco is thought to be one of Mexico’s oldest sites. At its peak, Cuicuilco is believed to have had a population of between 20,000 and 40,000 people.

Cuicuilco is comprised of numerous ruins, including a 23 metre high, five-level, circular pyramid (the Piramide de Cuicuilco) thought to be of religious and cosmic significance. Whilst originally built as a farming community, Cuicuilco later developed into a ceremonial city, maybe even the predecessor of Teotihuacan, as evidenced by its relatively well-preserved remains, which include both residential and religious structures.

The ruins of an old water drainage system are also present, demonstrating the relative sophistication of Cuicuilco’s inhabitants.

Cuicuilco was finally abandoned sometime between 150 and 200 AD, after the eruption of the nearby Xitle volcano. Some archaeologists think that the residents of Cuicuilco and other surrounding areas all later moved to Teotihuacan.

Piramide de Cuicuilco TOURIST INFORMATION

DIRECTIONS TO Piramide de Cuicuilco

Cuicuilco is located in parkland adjacent to and just south of the Periférico freeway. The nearest metro is Universidad on line three, although this stops north of the freeway. The Huipulco station on the Xochimilco Light Rail line is also relatively close, just east of the freeway.





Piramide de Cuicuilco HISTORIC INFORMATION

NAME: Piramide de Cuicuilco
Alt Name: Cuicuilco Pyramid
Country: Mexico
Period: Pre-Columbian
Sub-Region: -
Date: 1000BC - 501BC
City/Town: Tlalpan
Figure:  -
Resorts: Mexico City,


Piramide de Cuicuilco ADDRESS

156 Avenida Insurgentes Sur and Anillo Periferico, Tlalpan District

Piramide de Cuicuilco PHONE NUMBER

Contact local tourist office.

Piramide de Cuicuilco EMAIL


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