Pere Lachaise Cemetery

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Pere Lachaise Cemetery HISTORY

Pere Lachaise Cemetery (Cimetière du Père-Lachaise) was established by Napoleon I in 1804. Originally considered to be too far from the main city, Pere Lachaise Cemetery initially attracted few funerals, but following a marketing campaign and the transfer of the remains of French philosopher Pierre Abélard in 1817, its popularity grew and it soon gained over 33,000 residents.

From singer Edith Piaf, novelist Marcel Proust and impressionist painter Camille Pissarro to playwright Oscar Wilde, an array of famous figures are buried there today. One of the most popular graves at Pere Lachaise Cemetery is that of The Doors’ front man Jim Morrison, probably attracting the largest number of visitors, but all of the graves are fascinating, including those of the regular citizens.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery is also the home of the Mur des Fédérés or ‘Communards Wall’ where 147 of the working class defenders of Belleville or ‘Communards’ were shot on 28 May 1871 as part of the ‘Bloody Week’. This is also surrounded by monuments to concentration camp victims from the Holocaust.

Maps are available to buy at the entrance, but you can also use the directories on the grounds. Overall, Pere Lachaise Cemetery is a peaceful and interesting way to spend an afternoon.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery TOURIST INFORMATION

DIRECTIONS TO Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Pere Lachaise Cemetery is located on Boulevard de Ménilmontant. Accessible via Metro lines 2 and 3 (alighting at Gambetta station on line 3 offers a downhill tour of the cemetery or Philippe Auguste as this is closest to the main entrance). The Père Lachaise Station on line 3 is another option - this is near a side entrance.




Pere Lachaise Cemetery is open daily all year round and entry is free.


NAME: Pere Lachaise Cemetery
Alt Name: Cimetière du Père-Lachaise
Country: France
Sub-Region: -
Date: 1800AD - 1899AD
City/Town: Paris
Figure: Napoleon Bonaparte
Resorts: Paris, Versailles,


Pere Lachaise Cemetery ADDRESS

16 rue du Repos, Paris 75020, France

Pere Lachaise Cemetery PHONE NUMBER

+33 1 55 25 82 10

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