Olympia Archaeological Museum

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Olympia Archaeological Museum HISTORY

Olympia Archaeological Museum is a museum focused on the Ancient Greek site of Olympia, which is located nearby. A major Greek city and the place of origin of the Olympic Games, Olympia was dedicated to Zeus and has been extensively excavated.

Many of the finds from these excavations are exhibited at the Olympia Archaeological Museum including expansive collections of terracotta and bronze, many mosaics, sculptures and numerous other artifacts from this ancient city. Some of its most treasured items include those from the destroyed Temple of Zeus.

Olympia Archaeological Museum explores the history of the ancient city of Olympia and offers an insight into this fascinating site and the lives of its former inhabitants.

Olympia Archaeological Museum TOURIST INFORMATION

DIRECTIONS TO Olympia Archaeological Museum

Olympia Archaeological Museum is just south of the modern town of Archaia Olympia in the Peloponnese along route Achaias Olympias-Lala and just north of the archeological site itself. Most people visit Olympia as part of an organised tour. Olympia has a train station, but all trains head to Pyrgos to the west and then you can change to other destinations. However, even here you cannot go direct to Athens, but have to stop in Corinth and change.



Olympia Archaeological Museum OPENING TIMES AND TICKET PRICES

Olympia is open daily throughout the year, 8:30am-8pm in summer, 8am-6:30pm in winter. Entry costs €6 for the archaeological museum or €9 for a combined ticket with the archaeological site. Discounts available and there are also several “free days” including every Sunday from 1 November to 31 March.

Olympia Archaeological Museum HISTORIC INFORMATION

NAME: Olympia Archaeological Museum
Alt Name: Olympia Museum
Country: Greece
Period: Ancient Greece
Sub-Region: -
Date:  -
City/Town: Archaia Olympia
Figure:  -
Resorts: Archaia Olympia,


Olympia Archaeological Museum ADDRESS

Archaeological Museum of Olympia, Archea Olympia, 27065, Greece

Olympia Archaeological Museum PHONE NUMBER

+30 26240 22742

Olympia Archaeological Museum EMAIL


Empress :
Morgan MacTire
King :
Prince :
Duke :
Lord :

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