Napoleonic War Sites

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Napoleonic Wars: Editor's Picks

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1. Waterloo Battlefield

Among the most famous Napoleonic War sites, Waterloo Battlefield was the location of Napoleon’s famous defeat at the Battle of Waterloo.

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2. HMS Victory

HMS Victory was Vice Admiral Lord Nelson’s flagship during the Battle of Trafalgar and the site where this heroic figure died.

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3. Austerlitz Battlefield

One of the most famous Napoleonic War sites, Austerlitz Battlefield in the Czech Republic was the location of one of Emperor Napoleon’s most stunning victories.

Napoleonic Wars: Site Index

Albuera Battlefield

Albuera Battlefield was the site of one of the battles of the Peninsula War in 1811.

Ardoch Roman Fort

Braco Fort - A Roman Fort - fantastic 6 foot high ditches can still be seen although there is now no remaining wooden or stone at all. But this is one of my favourite Roman sites in Scotland

Badajoz Fortress

Badajoz Fortress is a 12th century fortification captured by the British during the Peninsula War.

Bussaco Battlefield

Bussaco Battlefield was the site of a victory by Wellington during the Peninsular War.

Fort Conception

Fort Conception is a seventeenth century Spanish fort which served as a British base during the Peninsular War.

Hassenhausen Museum

Hassenhausen Museum in Auerstedt is a museum of the 1806 Battle of Jena-Auerstedt of the Napoleonic Wars.

Jena Battlefield

Jena Battlefield was the site of a Prussian defeat in 1806 during the Napoleonic Wars.

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Kazan Cathedral

Kazan Cathedral is an imposing nineteenth century cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Lutzen Battlefield

Lutzen Battlefield was the site of an important battle of the Thirty Years’ War in 1632 and a Napoleonic victory in 1813.

Malta Saluting Battery

The Saluting Battery is one of Malta's most vibrant visitor attractions where history is brought to life daily! For almost 500 years, its guns protected the harbour against naval assault and were used for ceremonial purposes.

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Portchester Castle

Portchester Castle has been a Roman fort, a Norman keep and even a wartime prison during the Napoleonic Wars.

Salamanca Battlefield

The Salamanca Battlefield was the site of a major victory by the Duke of Wellington in 1812 during the Peninsular Wars.

Talavera Battlefield Monument

The Talavera Battlefield Monument commemorates the first major victory won by the Duke of Wellington in the Peninsular War, part of the Napoleonic Wars.

The Battle of the Nations Monument

The Battle of the Nations Monument commemorates the 1813 Napoleonic Wars battle in which the French emperor suffered one of his greatest defeats.

Vimeiro Monument

The Vimeiro Monument commemorates the Battle of Vimeiro of 1808 during the Peninsular War.