Moesgard Museum

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Moesgard Museum HISTORY

The Moesgard Museum near Arhus in Denmark is a museum of archaeology, with a diverse set of displays.

Amongst its impressive collection, the Moesgard Museum houses the Grauballe Man, which is the incredibly well-preserved mummy of a prehistoric man believed to have lived around 2,000 years ago. The body was found in a nearby bog – the composition of which is the reason why the body is so intact. Investigations have found that the man had died a violent death, with his throat having been slit and his left tibia broken. It is thought this might have been a human sacrifice.

A bog was also the source of the Moesgard Museum’s exhibit of weaponry from Illerup Adal. Dating back to 200 AD, the 15,000 weapons and objects found there belonged to a force of invading western Scandinavians who were defeated and their wares destroyed and dropped into the bog.

A further display at the Moesgard Museum is its impressive collection of runes. These are stones bearing the runic alphabet, Scandinavia’s earliest form of written language. The runes at the Moesgard Museum date back to around 200 AD.

For those interested in Viking history, the Moesgard Museum houses a set of reconstructed Viking buildings. It is also worth wandering around the prehistoric path which surrounds the museum, which contains a series of reconstructed houses from different periods in Denmark’s history.


DIRECTIONS TO Moesgard Museum

The Moesgard Museum is located 5km south of the city of Arhus, Denmark along the Oddervej Route/Arhus-Odder road. Follow the signs to the museum. From Arhus Bus and Train Station, the museum can be reached directly via bus 6.


Free parking, shop and cafe.


April-September, the Moesgard Museum is open daily 10am-5pm. October to March, it is open daily except Mondays 10am-4pm. Closed 24-26 December, 31 December and 1 January. Entry costs 60 DKK for adults, 50 DKK for students, seniors and groups (10+) and is free for under 18s.


NAME: Moesgard Museum
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Country: Denmark
Period: Various
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Date: Various
City/Town: Arhus
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Resorts: Arhus,


Moesgard Museum ADDRESS

Moesgård Museum, Moesgård Allé 20, DK-8270 Højbjerg

Moesgard Museum PHONE NUMBER

+45 8942 1100

Moesgard Museum EMAIL

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