Mexican-American War Sites

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Mexican-American War: Site Index

Angostura Battlefield

Angostura Battlefield marks the location of an important clash in the Mexican-American War, the Battle of Buena Vista.

Angostura Battlefield in Mexico is the location of an important clash in the Mexican-American War. The battle occurred on February 23, 1847 near the town of Angostura and saw an American army under the command of General Zachary Taylor hold off an attack from a larger Mexican force commanded by General... Read More

Ex-Convent de Churubusco

Ex-Convent de Churubusco was the site of a Mexican defeat in the Mexican-American War and now houses Mexico City’s National Museum of the Interventions.

The former Monastery of Churubusco, translated in Spanish as Ex-Convent de Churubusco, is a seventeenth century building and was the site of fierce battle between Mexican and American forces during the nineteenth century Mexican-American War. The battle, which took place on 20 August 1847, saw the Mexicans fighting to protect the... Read More

Palo Alto Battlefield

Palo Alto Battlefield was the site of the first major clash of the Mexican-American War on 8 May 1846.

Palo Alto Battlefield in Texas was the location of the first major battle of the Mexican-American War. This war was the culmination of heightened tension between the US and Mexico over territory, particularly Texas. On 8 May 1846, the two sides confronted each other on Palo Alto Battlefield, with the US... Read More

San Juan de Ulua

San Juan de Ulua is a sixteenth century Spanish fort which defended the port of Veracruz in Mexico. The fortress was heavily damaged during the Mexican-American war.

San Juan de Ulua is a sixteenth century fortress in Veracruz in Mexico. Constructed in 1565, during the Spanish Colonial period, San Juan de Ulua was built in order to protect the country’s most vital port, Veracruz. The Spanish used Veracruz to import and house many Spanish treasures and, as... Read More