Mary Queen of Scots Historic Sites

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Mary Queen of Scots: Site Index

Chatsworth House

Chatsworth House is an English country estate that once served as the prison of Mary Queen of Scots.

Photo by conskeptical (cc)

Craigmillar Castle

Craigmillar Castle once played host to Mary Queen of Scots when she was recovering from an illness.

Photo by baaker2009 (cc)

Dumbarton Castle

It was at Dumbarton Castle that a young Mary Queen of Scots once sought refuge before travelling to France.

Photo by Bernt Rostad (cc)

Edinburgh Castle

Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to her son James - future king of England and Scotland - at Edinburgh Castle in 1566.

Photo by beltzner (cc)

Falkland Palace

Falkland Palace was the country retreat and hunting lodge of the royal Stuart dynasty and a favourite home of Mary Queen of Scots.

Photo by Iain Simpson (cc)

Fotheringhay Castle

Fortheringhay Castle was the birthplace of Richard III and site of execution of Mary Queen of Scots

Photo by ToniaYu (cc)

Holyroodhouse Palace

Holyroodhouse Palace is the Scottish royal residence famed as having been home to Mary Queen of Scots.

Photo by arthurmoodyuk (cc)

Inchmahome Priory

Inchmahome Priory was a medieval monastery which once sheltered a young Mary Queen of Scots.

Photo by DaGoaty (cc)

Linlithgow Palace

Linlithgow Palace was the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots and host to most of the Stuart kings.

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Lochleven Castle

Lochleven Castle was a medieval stronghold most renowned for being the prison of Mary Queen of Scots.

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Sheffield Manor Lodge

Once a prominent Tudor country estate and one-time prison of Mary Queen of Scots, the remains of Sheffield Manor Lodge include the well-preserved Tudor Turret House.

Photo by Historvius

Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle is an iconic royal palace which was the location of the coronation of Mary Queen of Scots in 1543.

Photo by steve p2008 (cc)

Tutbury Castle

Tutbury Castle is an imposing medieval site in Staffordshire which had one very famous prisoner, Mary Queen of Scots.