Koniggratz Battlefield

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Koniggratz Battlefield HISTORY

Koniggratz Battlefield and the Chlum Museum commemorate the 1866 Battle of Königgrätz between Prussia and Austria.

The decisive encounter of the war, the Battle of Königgrätz, or battle of Hradec Králové, saw Prussian forces defeat those of the Austrian Empire, inflicting significant casualties on the Austrian army. This momentous Prussian victory helped pave the way for future German unification.

Today Koniggratz Battlefield can be found in Chlum in the Czech Republic and visitors can see a number of monuments to the battle as well as visiting Chlum Museum – a good place to start your exploration of Koniggratz Battlefield.

The Museum, a branch of the Museum of East Bohemia, covers the events that took place on 3rd July 1866 when the  Battle of Königgrätz took place. There is also a lookout tower on the site which gives excellent views of Koniggratz Battlefield.

Inside Chlum Museum, visitors can view the armaments exhibitions and find out more information about the battle and the war.

Koniggratz Battlefield TOURIST INFORMATION

DIRECTIONS TO Koniggratz Battlefield

Koniggratz Battlefield is located in the town of Chlum, approximately 5 miles from Hradci Králové via the E442 and 325.




Chlum Museum is open Tues-Sun from 9am to 5pm (4th July – 30th Sept) and Sat/Sun from 10am to 4pm (1st Oct – 30th Apr). Admission: Adults 40CZK; Reduced 15CZK. Koniggratz Battlefield Observation Tower is open Tues-Sun 9am – 5pm (1st May - 30 Sept) and Sat/Sun from 10am to 4pm (Apr and Oct only) – closed Nov-Mar. Admission: Adults 15CZK; Reduced 5CZK.

Koniggratz Battlefield HISTORIC INFORMATION

NAME: Koniggratz Battlefield
Alt Name: Chlum Museum
Country: Czech Republic
Sub-Region: Eastern Europe
Date: 1800AD - 1899AD
City/Town: Hradec Kralove
Figure: Habsburg Dynasty
Resorts: Hradec Kralove,


Koniggratz Battlefield ADDRESS

Memorial to 1866 Battle Chlum, Chlum No. 66, 503 12 post Všestary.

Koniggratz Battlefield PHONE NUMBER

+420 495 447 058

Koniggratz Battlefield EMAIL


Emperor :
King :
Prince :
Duke :
Lord :

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