Woodstock Palace

West Oxfordshire , England , United Kingdom

About Woodstock Palace

Woodstock Palace was a royal residence in the English town of Woodstock, Oxfordshire.Henry I of England built a hunting lodge here and in 1129 he built 7 miles (11 km) of walls to create the first enclosed park, where lions and leopards were kept. The lodge became a palace under Henry's grandson, Henry II, who spent time here with his mistress, Rosamund Clifford.Important events that took place at the palace include:

The marriage of William the Lion, king of Scots to Ermengarde de Beaumont in 1186

The signing of the Treaty of Woodstock between Henry III of England and Llewelyn the Last (1247)

The birth of Edmund, youngest son of King Edward I of England (1301)

The birth of Edward, the Black Prince (1330)

The marriage of Mary Plantagenet, daughter of Edward III of England, to John V, Duke of Brittany (1361)

Imprisonment of the future Queen Elizabeth I of England (1554–58)Woodstock Palace was mostly destroyed during the English Civil War, and the remaining stones were later used to build Blenheim Palace nearby.

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