War in the Pacific National Park

Guam , Guam , United States

About War in the Pacific National Park

The War in the Pacific Park in Guam is dedicated to exploring the role of the Pacific in World War II and to commemorating those who fought in the conflict.

Until 1941, Guam had been an American colony. However, in December 1941, the Japanese attacked the island and the US was forced to give it up in what became known as the First Battle of Guam. Nevertheless, in July and August of 1944, the Americans mounted their own attack and retook the Island in the Second Battle of Guam.

Today, War in the Pacific National Park is a US site commemorating the roles played in the conflict by different nations in the Pacific Theatre, including America, Japan, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, China, the Soviet Union, France and the Netherlands. From its memorial wall at Asam Bay Overlook to the Japanese guns at Ga’an Point, War in the Pacific National Park offers a range of sites and tours exploring the site’s history in the context of the Second World War.

The War in the Pacific National Park is actually made up of seven sites. It is probably best to start at the visitor centre, where there is further information as well as exhibits.

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