Wales National Roman Legion Museum

Newport , Wales , United Kingdom

About Wales National Roman Legion Museum

The Wales National Roman Legion Museum explores the history and legacy of the Roman Empire’s furthest outpost - Wales.

This small museum houses a range of artefacts including everyday utensils and pottery. Amongst its main highlights, the Wales National Roman Legion Museum has an impressive Roman gemstone collection, the remains of a 2nd-3rd century man together with his funereal items and coffin and a first century Roman tablet inscribed in ink - this latter item being the oldest recorded piece of writing in Wales.

Even the location of the Wales National Roman Legion Museum - on the site of a first century Roman fortress - is significant. The ruins of this fort are located nearby, but the museum also includes a recreation of what these Roman barracks would have looked like.

Also located within the museum complex are the remains of the impressive Roman baths, which formed part of the legionary barracks. The ruins of the bathhouse are now housed within a protective modern structure and include reconstructions of the baths as well as a detailed model of their original design.

During the holidays, children are also afforded the opportunity to dress up like Romans.

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