Underground Library of Alexandria

Alexandria , Alexandria Governorate , Egypt

About Underground Library of Alexandria

The underground library of Alexandria, found underneath the ruins of the Serapeum, consists of a series of subterranean tunnels and storerooms where it is believed part of the collection of the Great Library of Alexandria was stored.

The Great Library itself was constructed in the third century BC and was the most famous library of the ancient world. The date of its destruction is disputed but may have been during Julius Caesar's time in the city.

However, the underground library of Alexandria - or at least the construction itself - remained in use until the destruction of the Serapeum in 391AD and may have been used for religious purposes by worshippers of Serapis.

Today visitors can explore these underground chambers and see the niches in the walls where the documents were stored. This site also features as one of our top ten tourist attractions in Egypt.

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