Torphichen Preceptory

Torphichen , Scotland , United Kingdom

About Torphichen Preceptory

Torphichen Preceptory in Scotland was a compound built in the 12th century around an existing church and, in the 13th century, became an important northern base for the Knights Hospitaller of the Order of St John of Jerusalem. In fact, it is said that the only other such headquarters maintained by this religious military order in Britain was its base in Clerkenwell, London and would remain as such until the 16th century. In March 1298, William Wallace visited Torphichen Preceptory before the Battle of Falkirk and the only documents signed by Wallace to survive to this day was signed there.

Since that time, Torphichen Preceptory underwent further additions in the 15th century. Sadly, very little of the Torphichen Preceptory has survived intact, but visitors can see echoes of its pretty architecture. Amongst the best preserved elements are the church’s crossing tower and transepts as well as the wall decorations.

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