The Neues Museum

Berlin , Berlin , Germany

About The Neues Museum

The Neues Museum in Berlin is part of Germany’s National Museum and, following a reconstruction project, is now the home of the Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection, the Collection of Classical Antiquities and the Museum of Prehistory and Early History.

Within the Neues Museum’s Ancient Egyptian collection, one of its most famous pieces is the bust of Nefertiti, wife of Ancient Egypt’s Pharaoh Akhenaten. It also houses a large collection of Armana artwork.

Further fascinating pieces at the Neues Museum include its display of Trojan antiquities and the prehistoric skull of the Neanderthal from Le Moustier in southwest France.

Overall, the Neues Museum offers a comprehensive display of historical and archaeological exhibits from throughout ancient history and around the world. Guided tours are available and audio guides are included in the admission price.

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