Tempio Malatestiano

Rimini , Emilia-Romagna , Italy

About Tempio Malatestiano

Tempio Malatestiano, translated as the “Malatesta Temple” in Rimini was originally a Franciscan church, later transformed into a Renaissance church.

This work, which began in 1447, was carried out at the behest of the nobleman and notoriously ruthless military commander of Venetian forces, Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta. Malatesta was part of a dynasty which ruled Rimini.

Malatesta hired architect Leon Battista Alberti to build a mausoleum for himself and his wife, Isotta degli Atti. The result was an elaborate and highly decorative monument to this couple, whose initials are emblazoned all over the Tempio Malatestiano. This was particularly detested by Pope Pius II, who virulently condemned the changes.

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