Schoenenbourg Maginot Line fort

Hunspach, Grand Est, France

About Schoenenbourg Maginot Line fort

The Schoenenbourg Maginot Line fort was one of a series of forts constructed by the French to defend their border with Germany following the First World War. Named after the then defence minister, Andre Maginot, the Maginot Line forts were a series of heavily defended subterranean fortifications.

The Schoenenbourg Maginot Line fort (Ouvrage Schoenenbourg) was the largest of the Maginot Line forts. Made up of a series of areas spanning over 3 kilometres, the Schoenenbourg Maginot Line fort was able to be entirely self sufficient, with everything from kitchens and water facilities to medical rooms and weaponry.

In reality however, during World War Two, the Germans attacked France not from the expected route through the Maginot Line, but via Belgium, meaning that the forts were unable to defend the nation.

Today, the Schoenenbourg Maginot Line fort is open to visitors, who can explore this vast underground network. A visit lasts around 2 hours.

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