Salerno Cathedral

Salerno , Campania , Italy

About Salerno Cathedral

Salerno Cathedral (Duomo di Salerno) is an historic eleventh century cathedral which was built upon the ruins of a ninth century Christian church and, beneath that, a former Roman temple.

Salerno Cathedral was constructed in 1080 and its founder, Robert Guiscard, dedicated it to San Matteo, known as Saint Matthew the Evangelist. Guiscard, who was a Norman duke of Apulia and Calabria who had recently taken over southern Italy, probably knew that this dedication would be a popular move, as San Matteo’s relics had recently been transferred to Salerno. In fact, the remains of this evangelist saint are still contained in the cathedral’s crypt.

Salerno Cathedral has required renovation over the years, particularly in the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries, the influences of these changes being visible in its mix of styles.

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