Polonnaruwa Royal Palace

Polonnaruwa , North Central Province , Sri Lanka

About Polonnaruwa Royal Palace

The Polonnaruwa Royal Palace was the once grand residence of King Parakramabahu (1153-1186).

At its peak, the Polonnaruwa Royal Palace would have been a complex of buildings, some as high as seven storeys. What remains now are a pretty set of ruins, with some walls still standing.

Just south of the main palace, one can see the remains of the king’s audience hall and his bathing pools.

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Polonnaruwa contains the UNESCO-listed ruins of what was the medieval capital of Ceylon.


Gal Vihara

Gal Vihara is a set of twelfth century stone statues of Buddha in the city of Polonnaruwa.


Polonnaruwa Council Chamber

The Polonnaruwa Council Chamber was the throne room of the king.


Kiri Vihara

The Kiri Vihara is a twelfth century dagoba in Polonnaruwa.


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