Polonnaruwa Archaeological Museum

Polonnaruwa , North Central Province , Sri Lanka

About Polonnaruwa Archaeological Museum

The Polonnaruwa Archaeological Museum exhibits finds excavated from the medieval city of Polonnaruwa, a UNESCO-listed site.

This is a great place to start a trip to Polonnaruwa, particularly as its models of the city’s buildings allow visitors to see what they would have looked like.

Moving through the museum, visitors can learn about this former capital by theme and the highlights include a series of Chola bronzes.

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Polonnaruwa contains the UNESCO-listed ruins of what was the medieval capital of Ceylon.


Polonnaruwa Council Chamber

The Polonnaruwa Council Chamber was the throne room of the king.


Kiri Vihara

The Kiri Vihara is a twelfth century dagoba in Polonnaruwa.


Polonnaruwa Royal Palace

The Polonnaruwa Royal Palace was the regal home of King Parakramabahu.


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