Museo Regional de Oaxaca

Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico

About Museo Regional de Oaxaca

Museo Regional de Oaxaca - sometimes known as the Museum of Oaxacan Culture - is this Mexican city’s main museum, chronicling the history of the state of Oaxaca (the state and the city have the same name). However, the main exhibit at Museo Regional de Oaxaca is its collection of finds from Monte Alban.

Monte Alban is a nearby archaeological area and one of Mexico’s most impressive pre-Columbian historic sites. The collection at Museo Regional de Oaxaca is made up of the incredible finds from Monte Alban’s Tomb 7.

Tomb 7 was a Zapotec burial site later used by the Mixtecs to bury their leaders. When it was excavated in the early thirties, archaeologists found tens of corpses together with a wealth of beautiful jewellery, all of which is now displayed at Museo Regional de Oaxaca. English audio guides are available for a fee.

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