Musee de la Reddition

Reims , Grand Est , France

About Musee de la Reddition

Musee de la Reddition (Museum of the Surrender) in Reims is the location where the German Third Reich officially surrendered to Allied forces in World War II.

At the time, the building of Musee de la Reddition, once a school, acted as the European headquarters of US General Dwight D Eisenhower (later President Eisenhower). The surrender, which occurred in the early hours of 7 May 1945, took place in the war room of Eisenhower’s headquarters, which were often known by the abbreviation of SHAEF.

Today, visitors to Musee de la Reddition can see the actual table where terms of surrender were agreed, with its contents seemingly frozen in time. Even the maps which crowded the room’s walls are still in place.

Beyond its star attraction, Musee de la Reddition also boasts further exhibits, mostly World War II uniforms, photographs and some weapons, but the main reason to visit is to see the site where the Allies officially won the war.

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