Mons Claudianus

Safaga , Red Sea Governorate , Egypt

About Mons Claudianus

Mons Claudianus in Egypt houses an Ancient Roman quarry, the remains of which can still be seen today.

Mons Claudianus was one of a few Roman quarries used to mine for granodiorite, a type of quartz only found in Egypt and which was used in many of the empire’s most famous buildings, including the Pantheon and the rome-723/">Temple of Venus, both in Rome.

Established and used in the first century AD, it is thought that Mons Claudianus may also have been a penal colony.

What remains today are several fallen columns, a staircase which was to lead to an (unfinished) temple and the ruins of a fort. Evidence of the quartz for which the Romans mined can also be seen at Mons Claudianus.

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