Middleham Castle

Richmondshire, England, United Kingdom

About Middleham Castle

Middleham Castle was a medieval castle built in the twelfth century and expanded by the influential Neville family to become a fortress by the middle of the fifteenth century.

Amongst others, Middleham Castle was the home of the most famous of the Neville family, Richard “the Kingmaker” Neville, who was the Earl of Warwick and who played an important role in the Wars of the Roses.

In fact, Warwick's continual ability to re-invent himself during this conflict saw him both tutor Richard, Duke of Gloucester, there between 1465 and 1468 and then imprison Richard’s brother, King Edward IV, in Middleham the very next year.

In 1460, after Warwick's defeat and death, Middleham Castle became the residence of George, Duke of Clarence and his brother, Richard, the sons of the Duke of York. Richard, then the Duke of Gloucester, would later become King Richard III.

Today, the ruins of Middleham Castle, which fell into disuse in the seventeenth century, show only a glimpse of its former lavish grandeur by way of its remaining stone walls.

Managed by English Heritage, Middleham Castle is open to the public and houses exhibits telling the story of this once imposing structure and of its former residents.

Visits usually last around an hour.

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