Hungarian National Museum

Budapest , Hungary

About Hungarian National Museum

The Hungarian National Museum exhibits a comprehensive collection of historic artefacts, documents and works of art. Its collections is incredibly diverse, ranging from bone tools from the Palaeolithic era to 45,000 twentieth century posters relating to significant political, social and cultural events.One of the main sections of the Hungarian National Museum is its archaeological department, which is divided according to time periods.

Amongst the myriad of exhibits overseen by this department, they cover the Paleolithic era, the migration period of the early Middle Ages and the Middle Ages generally and the Hungarian Conquest.

The Hungarian National Museum also houses an impressive Roman collection containing 65,000 artefacts including an incredibly large mosaic from Balácapuszta dating back to the third century - though they aren't all on display at any one time. The Roman collection also includes Roman gravestones, sculptures, milestones and stautes of Roman gods

A particularly interesting aspect of the Hungarian National Museum is its Zalavár collection, made up of grave and cemetery finds, mostly from the ninth century. It also has almost 80,000 archaeological animal bones, some dating back to the Palaeolithic era.

The Hungarian National Museum covers an extensive number of time periods and exhibits pieces from throughout the historical and global spectrum. There is quite a lot to see, but themed audio guides are available to rent, offering a structured tour.

An abridged audio guide can be downloaded from the Hungarian National Museum website whilst the full versions are available on site. Alternatively, you can either plan your route in advance or book a guided tour. Guided tours of the Hungarian National Museum are available in a variety of languages and themes, but should be booked at least a week in advance.

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