Emerald Mound

Stanton , Mississippi , United States

About Emerald Mound

The Emerald Mound is one of a number of ancient mound sites built by the indigenous peoples of the Americas. Several similar sites have been found within Mississippi and in other areas of the United States.

One of the largest mounds in the US, the Emerald Mound site was likely constructed between 1250AD and 1600AD during the Mississippian culture period. It is thought that the site was used for ceremonial purposes and as a meeting place for local populations.  The site was later used by descendents of the peoples of the Mississippian culture, the Natchez, and became a major center of their culture.

After the arrival of Europeans to the area, the Emerald Mound site was abandoned and erosion has diminished much of what would have once been seen at the Emerald Mound site. However, stabalization work by the US National Park Service has helped to restore and preserve the structure.

A number of excavations of the site have taken place since the 19th century, revealing pottery, tools and the remains of animals.

Displays at the Emerald Mound site provide information on the history of the site and give a glimpse into the lives and culture of those who built and used the Emerald Mound.

Further information on the site can be found at the Mount Locust visitor center in the Natchez Trace Parkway.

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