Chateau de Malmaison

Rueil-Malmaison , Ile-de-France , France

About Chateau de Malmaison

Chateau de Malmaison was the home of Napoleon Bonaparte and his first wife, Joséphine de Beauharnais, who bought it in 1799. Since then, Chateau de Malmaison served as the seat of government from 1800 to 1802 and then became Joséphine’s property in 1809 after the couple divorced.

After serving as her home and then, amongst other things, as a military barracks, Chateau de Malmaison became the property of the state.

Today, Chateau de Malmaison is open to the public, allowing visitors to view Napoleon's former bedroom and that where his first wife died. Frescos and paintings are found throughout and there is a museum dedicated to Napoleon in the grounds.

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