Burg Rheinfels

Sankt Goar , Rhineland-Palatinate , Germany

About Burg Rheinfels

Burg Rheinfels was an imposing medieval fortification, the dramatic ruins of which lie in St Goar in Germany.

Initially built in 1245 as a sort of medieval "toll booth" levying charges on ships that sailed along the Rhine, Burg Rheinfels was hated by the citizens of the Rhineland. So much so in fact that the affected towns came together and laid siege to Burg Rheinfels for over a year. However, this vast and powerful fortress was too much for even these thousands of men and the siege was ultimately unsuccessful.

Over the next centuries, Burg Rheinfels was fortified even further. It withstood another siege - this time by the Spanish - in 1626 and the efforts of King Louis XIV’s army later that same century. Burg Rheinfels finally fell to the French in 1794 and was then slowly destroyed.

Nevertheless, what remains of Burg Rheinfels is still fascinating. Visitors can even tour its fifteenth century underground tunnels or stay in part of the castle - which is now a hotel. There is also a museum about the history of Burg Rheinfels, which includes models showing how it would once have looked.

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