Bosworth Field Visitor Centre

Hinckley and Bosworth , England , United Kingdom

About Bosworth Field Visitor Centre

The Bosworth Field Visitor Centre contains a wealth of information, including displays and exhibitions, about the battle which is considered by many to have been the final (others say penultimate) battle of the Wars of the Roses – the Battle of Bosworth Field. 

It is worth noting that, until October 2009, the location of Bosworth Field Visitor Centre was thought to have been the site of the Battle of Bosworth Field. The field which was thought to have been the battle site was marked to show the events of the battle. However, in February 2010, historians confirmed that the real site was around a mile away.

The Bosworth Field Visitor Centre plans to create a trail to the real site, but at the time of writing, visitors can only cross it on public paths (ask at the centre).

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Bosworth Field - Actual Site

The Battle of Bosworth Field of 1485 resulted in the death of King Richard III and ascension of Henry VII to the throne.


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